The Luxury of Staying Home

As travel has halted across the world due to COVID-19, most people are in self-isolation in their house, condo or apartment, and for those who can – even on superyachts. Yes, superyacht social distancing is as luxurious as it sounds, but a lot of planning goes into making long length expeditions as decadent and comfortable at the end as they are at the beginning. 

How can you bring that same luxury feel to your home to make this time as pleasurable as possible? Here are five tips from our team at Patrick Knowles Designs.

  1. “Less stuff, more flow.” Right now this is great advice for life as well as your living space. Don’t force something just because you think it needs to be there. This is important on a yacht where rooms may be smaller and storage is at a minimum, but also for anyone at home for a long period of time. Think of necessity first. Decluttering your main living spaces can help clear your mind and create a stress free sanctuary – important on land or on the sea! 

Photo credit Dana Jinkins

  1. “Luxury is in each detail.” Givenchy said this quote and he was right that luxury is created in the little things, the details – the perfect stitching, the right finial, the trim on a curtain, the fold of a towel. While we can’t go out shopping right now, it is guaranteed that you have items in your house that you’ve saved for a “special occasion” that add these luxurious details. Perhaps it is the set of china you got from your wedding registry or the nice hand towels you save for the guests. Why save the good stuff for other people? Every day in life should be considered a special occasion! 

Photo credit Alexis Andrews

  1. “You don’t need a silver fork to eat good food.” Chef Paul Prudhomme is right, you don’t need a silver spoon, but if you’d like one we can recommend some places to get one ;). Honestly though, the key to good food is fresh food, and the bane of every yacht chef is how to keep it fresh during a long trip. For those of us going to the store as sparingly as possible, this has also become important. Food & Wine Magazine has tips from some great yacht chefs you can use from home, and you can view those here.   

Photo credit: Alexis Andrews

  1. “Find a place in the sun.” Sunshine is important for health, both in slowing the coronavirus and to boost your serotonin, increase vitamin D and to keep your immune system strong. When you’re on a yacht, being in the sun is part of the appeal, but at home we often get lost between our walls (especially now with the constant stream of new shows online). You will be shocked at how luxurious it feels to set up a simple living space in a porch, patio or yard that you can escape to each day. 

Photo credit Chaney Hewitt

  1. “Everything shines given the right lighting.” This is the easiest tip, but the one most overlooked at home. Bring on the lights! This is not to say you should run up the electric bill, but when you wake up in the morning, open the curtains and let in the natural lighting. Ample lights in your home office will help your eyes and you’ll feel less tired at the end of the day. Add lamps in the room if you need to! On the flip side, in the evening, dining by candlelight can be an opulent experience, by yourself or with others. 

Photo credit Marc Paris

When you treat every day like a celebration, home starts to feel palatial no matter what your circumstances. 

Stay in, stay luxurious and stay safe!