Storage Solutions for Social Distancing on the Sea

Only a month ago many of the world’s yachters were looking at remote destinations for dreamy, private vacation options with boating season upon us. Now those same spots are looking like the perfect getaway for a month-long (or longer)  yachting expedition and the best way to “social distance” during the coronavirus crisis currently sweeping the world is on the sea.

Once everyone on the crew has been thoroughly tested with temperatures taken daily and sanitizing done regularly on board, both pre-expedition and throughout, a sea-faring vessel is the safest place to self-isolate, especially for 30 days or more. Of course you will be quarantined in the lap of luxury, but you will need a storage strategy for your supplies.

With the rise of what are now called “explorer” and “crossover” (a hybrid of traditional and explorer) superyachts, there has already been a demand for larger storage areas to hold items for entertaining, playing, dining, relaxing, and partying in style on the high seas.  Now, whether it’s bigger garages, more hidden storage space in the staterooms, or more refrigerators in the galley, storage space may become the most sought after amenity on the ship. I mean where else will you house all of that stocked up toilet paper? LOL.

Attention to detail and a knowledge of engineering and technology are all pivotal in sleek storage on a yacht, and innovations like handleless, push-to-open mechanisms are sleek – and looking pretty useful in this current climate.

When storing items for a longer term expedition, many of the dual function pieces used in a design become even more important than ever. A bed fit underneath with drawers means more sheets, blankets and towels on board. A hidden refrigeration / freezer system means fresher food for longer. Ceiling panels that when pushed reveal upper level storage means endless areas to put necessary supplies. There are just a few examples, but the possibilities are endless.

This is where our expertise has always been key at Patrick Knowles Designs. In an area like South Florida where we have experience stocking up for hurricanes, it is second nature to think about a need to store everything we’ve purchased in our homes, so this has always been top-of-mind when planning yacht designs as well.

Though the superyacht is a floating home or sanctuary, clutter throughout will simply take away from the zen vibes you’re aiming for while at sea during this global crisis. Adequate and properly managed storage is the difference between loving your lengthy time at sea or wishing for dry land.

If you’re looking to build or refit a yacht, you can find out more information about our work at Patrick Knowles Designs here on our website or email pknowles@patrickknowleddesigns.com.

Overall, I wish you all the same – stay safe, stay healthy, stock up and store well!