Table the Decision –
How to Choose the Right Coffee Table for Your Space

A coffee table appears to be a relatively simple piece of furniture to purchase, but particularly in yacht design there are numerous things to consider before choosing the right table for your space. First and foremost, the table needs to fit the area appropriately. A coffee table that is too small will look almost comical and lost in the room, while an oversized table in the wrong space will limit mobility. General rule of thumb is to look for a table that is two-thirds the size of the sofa.

Photo by Alexis Andrews

The height is just as important as the length of the table, and should fall no more than 2-inches below the sofa cushions and never higher than the cushions.

Photo by Roddy Grimes

On a yacht it is important to consider the weight and heft of the table as well. Many marine manufacturers design specifically for the durability and stability needed on a seafaring vessel.

From there, consider the shape that looks right in the space. A square or rectangular table won’t look right with every sofa or furniture arrangement. Often a circle, oval or even a more organic and fluid shape works best. Sketch the room out or use some of the new apps on the market to try different tables and see how they change the aesthetic of the space.

Here are some examples of beautiful and unique coffee tables from our projects at PKD:

Photo by Ryan Cohen

Photo by Scott Pearson

Photo by Kristina Strobel