2022 design Trends

While it is important for a designer to remain true to their owner’s essence in any interior design, on land or on the sea, it is also inevitable that trend pieces will be added into a space. As we head into 2022, here are some of my top picks that I believe will be seen in the chicest homes and yachts in the new year.
  1. The maximization of glass. We have seen this in the yachting world over the past few years with windows and portholes taking on a larger importance in the overall design of a space. Floor to ceiling glass walls in homes and portholes that dip below the water are just the base of what will be done with glass in the coming year. The desire to connect with nature is strong for consumers as we head into 2022.
  2. Greenery abounds. As mentioned above, nature is key, and that means the inclusion of natural flora and fauna in all the spaces we design in 2022. The floral industry has undergone some major transformations of its own over the last year and the resulting offerings are more innovative than ever.
  3. Textured Walls.If you have seen our work at Patrick Knowles Designs, you know I am a fan of unique wall coverings – from leather panels to coconut husk and more. This year the trend is layered texture from bedding to accent pillows to curtains to the walls.
  4. Multifunctional Spaces.Creative room dividing accents and a unique use of space expands one single area into multi-use zones.
  5. Luxury Workspaces. Home offices are nothing new, but the pandemic and influx of those working from home made it a necessity to upgrade remote workspaces. We’ve seen everything from luxury desks to handcrafted chairs to gorgeous designer lighting and of course – a space with a view! EVERYONE can have an office with a window now!

What do YOU see becoming a trend in 2022? Comment below!