Going Green on the Blue Seas: Sustainable Yacht Design in 2021

Image by Permateek

As the future becomes more eco-friendly, yacht designers are working to address the needs of superyacht owners, while finding high quality sustainable options to replace longtime favorites.

Is this possible in an industry where desires and trends change faster than the seasons?

Here at PKD we say it absolutely can and must be done.

New eco products are not only better for the environment, but they are beautiful, easy to maintain and are just as luxurious as their nature-made counterparts.

Instead of depleting resources, innovations have been made to replicate them. Take for instance teak decks, which used to be de rigueur for stylish seafaring vessels. New synthetic materials like Flexiteek, PLASDeck and others have come to market, allowing designers to create the same look while protecting the environment.

Wood veneers, reclaimed wood bamboo silk carpets, organic cotton and hemp, LED lighting, and even solvent free paints help to keep superyachts sustainable while remaining enviable examples of world class design and style.