Trendspotting: Curves In All The Right Places

“Beauty is power and elegance, right action, form fitting function, intelligence, and reasonability. And very often expressed in curves.”

Kim Stanley Robinson

Curved furniture is nothing new, but after seasons of mid-century modern pieces and serious furnishings with razor sharp lines being seen in “it” interiors – the curvy trend has taken hold anew in contemporary designs for spring and summer 2021, bringing a “well-rounded” elegance from deck to dining, from the salon to the staterooms and beyond.

Smooth delicately curved edges, organic shapes and simple contours evoke feelings of relaxation and comfort, especially sought after in turbulent times as we’ve all experienced over the last year.

While curves are often seen as feminine, there is a masculine energy and power to these new iterations of design. Softer lines in modern spaces help to balance hard, sleek lines and enhance the movement and flow of a space.

Patrick Knowles Designs has been creating curves in everything from the architecture to the accessories on our client’s projects. Let’s go trend spotting!

Curved walls, overheads, seating arrangements and accessories give an open and easy flow in this multi-use room.

Fluid shapes in organic materials like wood and glass make simple but strong statements.
Masculine cabinetry carved with curved accents become decidedly androgynous and perfectly elegant.
Even the slightest of curves will make a mark on the design of a room.
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