Making it Personal

A design only works when it evokes an emotion. When designing a space meant to be a home on the water, we aim to conjure feelings of comfort, peacefulness and belonging. There is an ineffable happiness that occurs when you step foot into a space all your own, where the tiny details simply make you smile, and every design decision was made with you in mind.

That is the goal of every Patrick Knowles designed project where personality is infused into every aspect, and clients find themselves surprised and delighted in the most wonderful ways.

Take for example the secret scavenger hunt concealed inside the murals of a family’s yacht. Tiny lizards, frogs and other miniscule tropical animals are hidden inside the painting, giving young family members a fun game to play, keeping them engaged throughout the stylish space.

Stairway with detail close-up.
We have designed a cigar humidor and display case on a private yacht project to showcase an owner’s collection, and worked in collaboration with Swiss Silk Company to design a scarf that complimented the design of another client’s yacht.
Photographer Alexis Andrews
One of our team’s favorite personalized “gems” on a project is an art piece of seahorses covered in Swarovski Crystals. Without the back story it is still a beautiful piece of art, but knowing that each seahorse represents a family member makes it a piece that brings joy every time the owner’s look at it.
Interior Details

Photographer Kristina Strobel

From a bookend with style to a favorite art piece or even a special pillow, making it personal transforms a room from just a design into a deeper connection with a yacht owner.
Photographer Chaney Hewlett
Photographer Pamela Jones
Interior Details

Photographer Kristina Strobel

What will your personality inspire us to design for you? Let’s chat and find out!


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