Luxury Rides with Luxury

There is a famous saying that “birds of a feather flock together” but today we are switching it up to a new quote, “luxury rides with luxury” and looking at the crossover of yachts and luxury automobiles.

While yacht builders and designers often take inspiration from the auto world, the auto industry often borrows design aspects from their seafaring friends as well. Form, function, style and speed – these are some of the most luxurious ways to get where you need to go – on land or by sea.

If you follow the industry you may remember the pair of luxury vehicles that were clearly made for each other: The Bugatti Chiron Hypercar and the Bugatti Niniette yacht. Designed in 2017 to match the Hypercar, the Niniette is a 66 foot vessel with curves and color schemes to match the Chiron. You certainly can’t miss them at the dock! 

However, a yacht doesn’t have to have a twin car to be auto inspired. For me it comes down to taking the details that one would look for in a luxury car and finding a way to utilize them in the design of the yacht – inside or out. Take for instance the dinette area of III Amigos, a Michael Rybovich & Sons sportfishing yacht designed for a Ferrari aficionado client. Driven by the intention of conveying the feeling of taking a seat in a fine automobile, the dinette section has seats of hand-stitched Edelman leather, glove boxes, indirect lights that emanate from beneath the seats and other touches of bespoke design. 

And of course we can’t talk about current auto/yacht crossovers without mentioning the new Rolls Royce Boat Tail. This impressive luxury automobile is inspired by the J-class deck of yachts with a boat tail trunk that uses planks to replicate the wood hull form – a smart and sure-to-be-iconic aesthetic decision. With a butterfly opening trunk, there’s even a parasol and chairs, storage for picnic items and other details for that little extra touch of yachting class.