Good Design Never Goes Out of Style

There is little in life that is not affected by the passage of time, and even the most divine spaces are not immune. Though we design always with the intention of creating something that is classic and timeless, a refined space that never goes out of style, occasionally what we perceive as a perfect piece at the time feels dated or distracting when viewed through contemporary eyes.

What makes a design timeless?

Is it simplicity or a hidden complexity? Bright and minimal or eclectically curated?

At Patrick Knowles Designs we focus on quality first and aim for sophisticated elegance and comfortable luxury that stands the test of time, regardless of the trendy pieces added to and removed from the mix as seasons and styles change.

“All that is not eternal is eternally out of date.”

—C.S. Lewis, The Four Loves

Color trends change, textiles fall in and out of preference, and even yachts themselves have taken new shape over the years, but elegant design never goes out of style.

Viewing these classic PKD spaces through a lens without color forces you to see things differently and focus on the elements that we value most – the contrast of materials, the orientation of tiles, the repetition of patterns, the beautiful veins of rare marble stone, the unique grain pattern in exotic woods and so forth. It highlights the shape, form and patterns in the image, opening up new areas to visually explore.

This is a new interpretation of past projects viewed through a cookies and cream filter.

This is TIMELESS by PKD.