The Superyacht Statement Piece of the Decade: The Staircase

Statement pieces are a way to express one’s personality in design.  Whether it is a piece of art, jewelry, apparel, furniture, or architecture, statement pieces are a  centerpiece or focal point piece that inspires the rest of the space.

In luxury interiors, one such statement piece has become one of the most underrated yet boldest interior design statements of all: the staircase.

In general, staircases are functional as they serve only to connect between rooms and floors.  Yet in the case of a Patrick Knowles designed interior, staircases have become stunning pieces of art within themselves, providing an aura of whimsy, allure, and excitement.

Curved, sculptural and/or spiral staircases, designed and installed at just the right angles, enveloped by just the right lighting above, around, and even within – as well as artistic elements in the balustrades, or banisters are also ways to catch the eye and create just the right mood and ambiance.

A stairway can reflect the interior, provoke an emotional response of its own or help in creating proportion, separation of spaces or enclosure and privacy from one area to another. Take a superyacht for instance – never underestimate the subtlety of stairways that run from crew quarters and galley areas to the rest of the yacht. They are strategically designed even in their simplicity. 

Regardless of the simplicity or extravagance of a Patrick Knowles designed stairway, it will always have the utmost standards of elegance, mirroring the exquisite surfaces and treatments throughout the space. Through pops of color, and an innovative use of glass, teak wood, metal, stainless steel, or even crystal, these statement stairways have proven to be true innovations in engineering and creations of the finest craftsmanship, taking them to ‘all new levels’ (pun intended!).