Find Your Rhythm – Repetition in Design

“Art is pattern formed by sensibility.”

—Herbert Read, Poet

Good design draws a viewer in, but great design keeps a viewer interested, taking in every aspect of the space.

One of the best ways to encourage a roaming eye in a room is with repetition of design elements, shapes and patterns. This is a key principle in design, the concept of creating a rhythm in an area that helps one’s eye move around an area in an organized way.

Sometimes the rhythm in a space is quite clear, like when we design a hallway lined with identical light fixtures or a series of chaise lounges on a deck.

It creates continuous movement of the sight line through a space. Other times we achieve the same effect with a more subtle use of architectural detailing or a thematic pattern like the use of repetitive shapes like circles or squares.

How does one choose?

Repetition of fixtures or furnishings creates a feeling of cohesiveness while lengthening a space:

A repeating pattern of circles and ovals help to soften angular lines:

Squares offer up more symmetry and order, bringing a busy space into calming harmony.

There is a rhyme and reason, a repetition and rhythm to every great design, and every detail in that design – from the position of a series of windows to the layout of deck planks.

“Everything has a pattern, you just need to notice.”

—Jayanti Sinha

These decisions are what creates a soothing space for your eye and mind, making your yacht or home the perfect respite from the worldly chaos that you desire for it to be.

Find the rhythm of your space – on land, in the air or on the sea – with Patrick Knowles Designs.