The Sky's The Limit

The Sky's The Limit

Patrick Knowles teamed up with industry leader Embraer in a collaborative effort aimed at merging the forces of two industries into one unique and exhilarating project….effectuating a brilliant outcome!

Design objective for the Embraer Airship: ‘FLOOD THE CABIN WITH NATURAL LIGHT’.

As with all projects, Patrick Knowles Designs take an analytical position in exploring all options, debating such options and pondering the outcome in an effort to arrive at the optimal course for creative execution.

An ability essential in expediting creative direction, hand sketches are an incredible tool to quickly convey an idea or collection of ideas that are difficult or cumbersome to express electronically. Critically important for any creative director to employ, especially in the presence of a client, in which capturing and maintaining customer engagement is crucial.


When seated aboard a luxury aircraft, potentially for hours, examining your immediate surroundings is inescapable, therefore, fit and finish is key! Everything must be of the highest order. The luster and depth of wood finishes underscore the cabin’s fundamental quality and other tactile surfaces are critical to assuring such quality…therefore premium crafted textiles and high grade leathers combined with thoughtfully selected wood species are all vital components…essential to the environment of a custom, tailored aircraft cabin!

The Design Has Met Its Objective

It’s a beautiful sight when the imagination of the mind comes to life! The design has met its objective! Flooded in natural light, the Embraer Lineage 1000’s cabin is unlike any other. Windows extending close to deck line atop by skylights create a ring of light in the highly customize cabin designed with contemporary Japanese overtones. Seated at floor level, the in-flight experience is unsurpassed….the unique vantage point elongates and accentuates the volume of the cabin as well as the ring of light to an even greater degree!

…And Away We Go…

Recipient of the World Superyacht Awards, Showboats International Design Awards and several nominations in the coveted International Superyacht Society Awards for Design Excellence.

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