Some Green With Your Blue: The Pros and Cons of Plants on Yachts 

In the world of yacht design, the presence of greenery has gained significant popularity over the years. 

Plants, and natural elements overall, play a pivotal role in interior design, from improving air quality to reducing stress levels while adding visual interest to a space. They also act as natural filters, removing toxins and enhancing the overall air quality within an enclosed space. 

However, when it comes to incorporating greenery on a yacht or boat, designers encounter a unique set of challenges. 

1. Limited Space: 

One of the primary challenges of integrating greenery on a yacht or boat is the limited space available. The compact interior dimensions pose difficulties in finding appropriate areas to place plants without obstructing walkways or impeding functionality. Designers must carefully consider the size and type of plants that can thrive without overcrowding the living areas. 

2. Sun Exposure and Temperature Variations: 

Yachts and boats often endure harsh weather conditions and constant exposure to sunlight. This can lead to temperature fluctuations, intense heat, and increased humidity levels, all posing challenges for plants. Selecting resilient plant species that can withstand these conditions is crucial. Additionally, designers must strategize placement to provide sufficient sunlight while protecting the plants from excessive heat, wind and if on the deck – salt water. 

3. Maintenance and Irrigation: 

Another obstacle in incorporating greenery onboard is the maintenance and irrigation required. Since yachts and boats are constantly on the move, access to fresh water and proper irrigation systems can be limited. The yacht owner must determine who on the staff will be responsible for the care of the plants, and how much time is able to be dedicated to that responsibility. In turn, designers can consider self-watering mechanisms or low-maintenance plant varieties to minimize the need for continuous attention and watering. 

4. Stability and Weight Distribution: 

Maintaining stability and balance on a yacht or boat is paramount for safety. Adding plants and greenery, which can be heavy and affect weight distribution, must be done with careful consideration. Designers need to assess the structural capacity and balance of the vessel to ensure that the addition of plants does not compromise stability. 

Despite the challenges, incorporating greenery on board a yacht or boat adds greatly to the aesthetic and helps to maintain a sense of tranquility and relaxation on board, making it a worthwhile endeavor with some careful planning!