III Amigos

Design Details

Decks & Flooring

A key surface in any design, the way in which the flooring is addressed is critical for function, sustainability and aesthetics.

Keeping with the theme of polarity, the main salon and dinette areas alone feature wide oak wood planks treated with a milk wash, yielding a gentler and more submissive appearance to that of her dominant counterparts, the limed white oak surfaces of the surrounding bulkheads and furnishings.

The decision to have deck planks running athwart ship in the main salon and longitudinally in the dinette area was intentional as both a reprieve in the directional orientation to provide a subtle que to the occupant of the change in deck heights and as a playful nod to the theme of opposites.

Opposites attract once again as dark wenge deck margin boards in the lower companionway, master cabin and guest cabins create a strong visual interruption between the homogeneous palette of bulkhead materials and carpet.

Like fine understated jewelry, polished nickel inlays works as a gleaming delineation between contrasting surfaces and materials. As a mediator, it harmoniously unifies the subtle, muted wool carpets with the dark wenge counterpart. As a score between border and field, the polished nickel inlay also defines the strong statement of the Azul Bahia (blue) marble in the master head and the Rosso Imperio (red) marble in the VIP heads from that of the Bianco Sivec (white) borders in a sophisticated blending of pairings.

Overheads & Laser Soffits

PKD chose a classic, yet streamlined and refined interpretation of the T&G (tongue and groove) plank for the overhead proper (defined as the primary field of an overhead) with a hint of a shallow vee-groove between her longitudinal planks and a muted satin finish in a brilliant white (OC-65 to be exact). The result is a perfect light reflector enhancing each compartment of the vessel with an amplified volume of light.

Next, given the low and prowling stance of the vessel, overhead lights were a critical note of detail to be keenly aware of. So much so that during the entire design, engineering and fabrication process, each member of the team grappled for real estate and put an embargo on anything that would contribute to the diminishing overhead volume. Designs were fought over for the victorious prize of 2 or 3 millimeters!

The solution? Dubbed the “laser soffit” by the PKD team (the term not only reminiscent of a ray of light but also to that of the leading edge of an object), a multi-level overhead design jam-packed with functional necessities for lighting and ventilation while at the same time delivering a low profile soffit system out of lasers. Crafted in white oak with double notched leading edge profile of only 1.25” (31.75mm), a light emitting gap of only 1” (25.44mm) showcases the neon LED strip providing a stunning presentation of fluid, continuous lighting. Enveloping the interior compartments in ambient light, the result is a resounding success.

Margin Boards

For compartments unable to receive the laser soffit design, the margin board concept was developed. Defined as a border around the perimeter of an overhead within a room, the goal was to highlight and celebrate the size of each room regardless of its volume. Drawing on the owners passion for all things contrasting in dramatic terms, and considering the brilliant and gleaming white T&G planks of the overhead en masse, the obvious material candidate for the role of this important design element was that of the dark wenge wood species. Engineered with barely a reprieve in the anatomical difference between field and border, the definition representing a mere 3/16” (4.7625mm) makes a confident statement in a surface area of design that is often neglected. It’s proven to be among the many identifying marks of design for the III Amigo’s brand.


A formidable surface in any design, residing always at eye level, are the bulkheads and on III Amigo they are another spectacular detail with a use of wood, inlays, marble, leather and mirrors to create a strikingly unique and elegant space.

Throughout her interior, quarter cut white oak bulkheads prescribed with a lime finish gives the feel of being seaside. Specified in a contemporary, horizontal orientation, the application contributes to the linear value to each space. PKD also brought back the dark wenge wood into the wood inlays of the muted oak tone textiles of the upholstered bulkheads yielding a stunning architectural statement which drives the eyes horizontally, elongating the space and mirrors on the inboard bulkhead of the companionway gives the impression of a much grander passageway, all of which culminate in the appearance of a much larger interior within this 94’ sport fisher.

Dado Panels

Defined as the lower portion of a bulkhead,this is not your dad’s wainscot! With a low slung belt line, the vertical appearance of the bulkheads within the lower companionway compartment are enhanced, bringing a subconscious volume to her passage ways.

Marble, being another passion of the owner, became such an integral part of the design and the bulkheads that Patrick Knowles personally traveled to Italy on the behest of the owner to visit the most notable quarries and hand select the marble, granite and onyx species for the interior accents. The marble of choice used in the master and guest head bulkhead surfaces, Striato Olympic is identified by its linear pattern. Inconceivable to think such defined lines were formed in nature however, its horizontal orientation on the bulkheads underscores its intelligent geometry. Solid stock of this stone species is strategically placed at each bulkhead corner and is then milled into the required radius yielding an uninterrupted flow of the stones’ attributes in a flawless, fluent expression of stone masonry!
Passage Doors

There was a very special request made by the owner, in which he wanted the girth, thickness and feel of the passage doors to be like that on his recently delivered 60 meter Feadship, unheard of for a high performance sportfish boat in which one can typically pick up a passage door with one hand. III Amigo’s doors require brawn, and lots of it to heave them open. At an impressive ­2.75” thickness, they are not only weighty, they feel stately to the hand as one makes passage from compartment to compartment….the closing and latching akin to shutting that of a Bentley Motorcoach!

Despite their girth and commanding presence, the doors quietly nestle flush into the bulkhead, void of profiles and projections. Co-plane with the adjacent bulkheads in which they are embedded, their presence adds to the continuum of design….flush, simple and understated. Score lines of wenge within the oak doors create a tailored, sophisticated and visual experience. Concealed hinges were specified for the sole purpose of not upstaging the masterpiece of the passage doors as such distraction was instead reserved for the sleek, stylish contemporary polished nickel door handles. Like fine pieces of jewelry tastefully selected and appointed, the door handles and latches shine with simple elegance.