III Amigos



III Amigos

“If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It.”

– Enzo Ferrari

The DNA of a sportfisher, the luxury of a megayacht – the concept itself is a cohesive contradiction which melds perfectly into the owner’s love of all things contrasting – light and dark, heavy and delicate, high speed and high tech when fishing to low and slow luxury living when enjoying the yachting life. The main brief from the owner was to make it all feel like one with the water, and Patrick Knowles Designs succeeded in droves.

III Amigos has a full beam master cabin, 2 guest cabins with ensuite heads, an enclosed bridge, and a large salon, modern galley and an ample amount of personalization for a unique and definitive owner throughout


As one enters the vessel’s interior it is the utter elegance of the design details, the tongue-in-groove overheads and wide planked flooring, the intricate bulkheads and the intensely gorgeous woodwork that catches the eye first, though one can not miss the lounge-worth Edelman leather sofa sectional in mystic white with a tailored navy welt. It is not only gorgeous but it conceals a bevy of storage options below its seats, capitalizing on every conceivable cubic inch of space.

As a punctuation to the white leather seating, the end table, fabricated of wenge wood with a white quartz top, is strategically positioned just inside the door from the exterior mezzanine, proving a highly convenient point of access for stored items relative to the activities on the exterior Mezzanine deck. The recessed kick is illuminated with indirect lighting.

Even more storage is available on the port side with two cabinets of differing heights, lengths, depths and finish, one being that of oak and the other of wenge, both topped with Azul Bahia and white quartz. Designed with polished nickel push latched doors, the horizontal grained oak cabinetry masks a vast array of outfitted compartments while the polished nickel recessed pulls on the drawers of the horizontally grained wenge are divided and sub-divided into compartments to accommodate each and every article necessary to carry out the service reserved for the owner and his guests. Accentuated at the deck by indirect lighting in the recess base, the cabinetry provides a port side visual boundary.

The Bar

Situated forward in the salon is the vessel’s main bar which boasts a striking ledge of Azul Bahia marble with a curvilinear form that sits proud above the galley service cabinet top surface by means of polished nickel station posts, creating a levitated surface and a reprieve from its surrounding surfaces. The dark wenge vertical face beneath the bar ledge is punctuated by five panels of the most pristine selection of Onyx Bianco Extra (white onyx), back lit for added ambience and character.

The barstools are a crowning jewel to the main salon and a custom design by Patrick Knowles. The barstools are fabricated in wenge wood with polished nickel accents,with custom seats that were a special request from the owner. A lover of premium leather, he requested genuine, mature Florida Alligator leather which were then custom dyed in marine blue. These impressive skins were commissioned and hand crafted with a double stitch in contrasting white, bringing the barstools to the level and detail one would associate with the highest quality pair of men’s loafers…an attestation to the level of fit and finish of this sport yacht.

The starboard bar cabinet, designed with a concave front to interrupt the linear elements of the salon, has an Azul Bahia marble top with a strong edge detail. Fabricated in oak, the inset of white shuttered panels conceals the Sub Zero refrigerator and freezer drawers as well as other drawers housing stored liquor bottles in the manner in which they are accommodated in a private aircraft cabinet. The deep recess of the square sink facilitates seamless operation on the part of the interior crew.

The Dinette

Imagined as the “wall that isn’t there”, Patrick Knowles created an architectural element intended to delineate the dinette space from the main salon. The polished nickel frame accommodates the carefully shaped wenge wood louvers in a horizontal orientation. Positioned upon a razor narrow wenge cabinet with a pull-out storage feature to capitalize on every inch of storage space, the combination becomes a functional yet aesthetically pleasing visual divide.

Having worked with the owner before on a Florida beach house the PKD team was aware of the owner’s fondness for luxury European sports cars. A true aficionado, he had ordered a custom Ferrari to match the beach house which became the inspiration when conceptualizing this gem of a space. Armed with such influence, the compact dining compartment became a focus of attention and has a critical level of understated luxury detailing.

Driven by the intention of conveying a feeling akin to taking a seat in a fine automobile, this captivating space envelopes the senses of its occupant with quilted Edelman leather hides in navy with contrasting white leather cording and stitching, glove boxes, indirect lights that emanate from beneath the seats, leather wrapped panels, exotic jewel box quality burl veneer inlays and bespoke polished nickel detailing. With a nod to practicality, the seats themselves are positioned on a clever mechanism allowing them to be unlatched and gently glide open, revealing access to valuable storage compartments.

Upon sitting, the occupant will eventually realize the uber convenient glove boxes cleverly embedded into the structural system of the outboard bulkhead. A generous opening trimmed in mirror polished nickel reveals the inner compartments lined with hand quilted blue leather with contrasting white threading. Nestled within are electrical and USB charging ports, a convenient and safe spot for charging valuable devices while underway in heavy seas. During evening passages the glove boxes glow in an ambient wash of LED lighting akin to the service lights one might glimpse within a door handle or armrest of a luxury automobile.


The galley remains true to the owner’s love of contrasting finishes and textures. The cabinetry is crafted in a combination of limed oak and wenge veneer with back lit upper cabinetry doors and pull-out shelving from cabinetry boxes and hard to access spaces. Under-cabinet and indirect lighting affords the galley a glow sufficient enough to operate without disturbing the surrounding areas. A chef himself, the owner is among the most fastidious of clients when it comes to outfitting his galleys with his personal brand of choice equipment.

As a passionate and strong adherent to the Sub Zero brand when it comes to refrigeration, there would be none other, so much so that even late into the design and engineering process, both ship’s structure and that of the millwork structure were directed to be modified to accommodate the owner’s model of choice. Next came the challenge of designing, in an aesthetically pleasing capacity, the accommodation and servicing of an element that has a stature taller than that of the ship’s structure! Through a clever use of, yes – contrasting materials – recessed into a newly engineered overhead accentuated with indirect lighting the recessed overhead feature now embraced the Sub Zero refrigeration unit with a result of intention in the design as opposed to appearing like an afterthought in the space. The lengths the owner took in driving his team to achieve an otherwise impossible request underscores the level of loyalty he has towards a beloved brand!


As one enters into the staterooms, the contrast of red and blue decor elements among the textural woodwork is a subtle nod to both classic marine design and the owner’s personal brand.


Geared with storage inside all berth structures via pull out drawers and lift up deck access, all usable storage space was captured and designed for easy and direct access. The crowning edge of the berth keeper was specified in dark wenge wood juxtaposed with a tailored textile application with tones from the oat family, yielding a powerful statement in contrast. Indirect lighting within the base recesses of each berth offers a glow and definition between that of the dark wenge deck margin boards and the berth itself.


Also fabricated in wenge wood, the nightstand ensembles serve as monumental pieces in each cabin. Designed to meet a multitude of functions, the nightstands are topped with marble bearing a strong and architectural edge detail. On the master stateroom nightstands, the stout polished nickel bar pulls are deeply recessed into the drawer face creating a 3-dimensional detail. As for the pulls on the nightstands of the remaining cabins, they are flush. Each nightstand has above its stone topped surface a pilaster serving two purposes. Appointed with a dark wenge perimeter frame, the mirror insets enhance the depth and dimension to each of the cabins. Hand-stitched, leather detailed wall sconces are mounted to each pilaster.

At the base of each pilaster there are utility garages designed to conceal the electrical and lighting control functions. With a push of the finger, the garage door opens upward smoothly and pockets back into the pilaster base, revealing a plethora of functional necessities: power outlets, USD charging ports and lighting control switches. Collectively, this ensemble of cabinetry becomes a commanding tower in each of the cabins, augmenting the vertical heights by attracting the eye upward.

The vessel also has two crew cabins forward with ensuite heads. Each accommodates two crew members in all teak compartments with a generous provision of storage.


The medicine cabinets, also fabricated in wenge wood, tower above the vanity top, extending to the overhead wenge laser soffits. Mirror insets bedeck the cabinet doors as polished nickel latches follow with that of the coordinated cabin, concealing an array of storage, electrical port, A/C and heated flooring controls.

In the master head, just outside the shower is a deck to overhead tower cabinet finished in horizontally orientated limed oak providing floor to ceiling concealed shelving for the storage of linens. A practical place to mount a robe / towel hook, the piece is highly practical and yet aesthetically pleasing in finish and is complimented by indirect lighting at its base.
In the guest heads, the chambers of the linen towers are exposed to the room itself. Cladded in Striato Olympic marble on her exterior and lined with dark wenge wood on the interior, the niche is outfitted with glass shelves and polished nickel keepers to secure stored items and rolled towels.

Day Head

Located on the main deck in the port aft segment of the vessel, accessed via the aft Mezzanine, is the day head, providing convenience for the owner and his guests while fishing or enjoying the outdoor experience. Even as a utility area, in no way has this quasi exterior space been short changed in the design and detailing process.
Endowed with a massive window taking the shape of the boat’s window line profile, the head is filled with natural lighting. A combination of white quartz with horizontal teak inlays dresses all bulkheads, and the vanity cabinet has a horizontally orientated quarter cut teak veneer application in a satin finish replete with polished nickel latches and topped with a white quartz top and an integrated sink.

Above the vanity is a teak framed mirror with a solo wall sconce and integrated AC ventilation at the overhead. The entire framed mirror opens like that of a door, revealing access to a generous volume of valuable storage.

The overhead has a perimeter teak wood margin board with classic T&G planks in a longitudinal arrangement, accentuating and enhancing the already dramatic camber of the overhead which falls aggressively from its highest point inboard to its lowest point outboard.
Upon entry into the day head, there is no mistaking you are indisputably on a highly tuned, highly designed sport vessel. The deck surface is trimmed with a parameter teak margin board and edged in a polished nickel inlay defining its field featuring a black and white marble mosaic. The window box is lined and trimmed in teak and houses a remote control black out window shade which lowers precisely when privacy is desired.

Enclosed Bridge

Fabricated by the in-house craftsmen of Michael Rybovich & Sons, the enclosed bridge is outfitted in teak from stem to stern. Although the wood species differs from that of the owner and guest areas of the vessel, the design of the cabinetry and furnishings are similar in that they all have a horizontally oriented application of the teak veneer and hardwood. A unique combination of teak and wenge wood was specified for this area. The wenge, submissive to the teak in quantity only, not in demeanor, is spotted throughout the enclosed bridge and appears as milled shuttered inset panels within the cabinetry door faces as well as in the window pilasters, as inlays in the teak decks as well as in a detailing capacity around the helm. With a color palate of caramel and dark chocolate, the wood tones of teak, wenge and chocolate quartz are unified in color and tone.

As this area will facilitate the crew during long crossings, the enclosed bridge has every amenity necessary to station them for the duration. Hidden within cabinetry designed to cleverly mask the functions of a quasi-galley the space accommodates elements like abundant refrigeration, a microwave, sink, pantry with china storage and more.

Additionally, as the vessel is, after all, a sport fishing boat; to starboard, her under couch areas possess an abundance of space dedicated to the storage of fishing rods; the triad shaped, horizontally grained teak cocktail table with a rolled stainless steel edging to protect its finish, has a flip-top on stays to reveal valuable storage for a healthy supply of well-organized reels.

Outboard to port is a multifunction cabinet housing a concealed high-low television outboard and diversified tackle storage behind teak framed, wenge shuttered doors. Forward to port and starboard are jump seats with an elevation worthy of a command station, offering panoramic views of the ocean and its horizon. Like the centerline Stidd helm seat and the L-shaped sectional, the jump seats are finished in fine Edelman leather.

The Mezzanine

At the hub for the entire purpose of this vessel, the Mezzanine is the spectator deck to watch the action from a distance and in the lap of luxury. With accommodations to pamper the owner and his guests, the Mezzanine has an aft orientated chaise to port, a sectional settee to starboard, a generous drink box at centerline next to the starboard settee, and an abundance of pull-out drawers under all seating housing the tools and accessories essential to the hunting of fish, and a removable cocktail table fabricated in high polished teak with oak inlays and a polished stainless steel pedestal.

And the piece de resistance? The air conditioning feature on the Mezzanine deck discharged from 2 critical and strategic points: in the headrest behind the port chaise and starboard settee as well as from the overhead which discharges via a stealth slot flowing with cold air.

The Foredeck

Access to the foredeck is gained via the port and starboard catwalks with integrated stealth handrails that lead its user right up to the stay-in-place sun bed, which, when not in use, is cleverly stored in a designated space out of sight. With a backrest to enjoy the unobstructed views that only a foredeck can provide, this is THE place on III Amigos to enjoy a peaceful moment out on the sea before the beast in her comes out.